Those guardians of our heritage, The Royal Armouries, are mixing up something special on Wednesday 30th November at their dockside home.

The event will be the first ever after-hours opening and is being done in conjunction with Rolling Social Events, the people behind the Corn Exchange Christmas Market and the various spirit festivals. The reason is that Royal Armouries are launching their own brand of gin, so who better to help out with that.

Not only will there be gin sampling and background talks about the spirit, but there is also a special cocktail being created to mark the occasion. The Oriental Gallery will be open for the gin lovers to browse around so the admission price of £7.50 is a snip, or should that be a sip.

Don’t mention the elephant in the room!

The venue is open from 6.00pm until 9.00pm, so plenty of time to have a wander round the exhibition room whilst enjoying a libation.

For more information and to get tickets please go to:

Images supplied by Chapter 81

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