Ey up.

I am Stan Graham. Some of you might know me from my guide ‘Lunch in Leeds with Stan Graham’ at the-eat-is-on.com. If you do then please don’t let that put you off. I have decided to widen my horizons in both the geographical and cultural senses so this blog will cover various events in North and West Yorkshire but it will be Leedscentric because that is the place I know best and is where most of the PR people who invite me to events are based. I live in Harrogate and no longer drive so South and East Yorkshire have got away with one there. I will write about anything which takes my fancy so the only rule about Tyke It To The Limit is that there are no rules.

All of the posts on this website are written by me and the vast majority at the request, and expense, of the places reviewed. Having said that, I believe that my first responsibility is to the reader and so if something is not up to muster I will let you know. This might just be the shortest run of blogs in history, although I am not daft enough to go somewhere I know I won’t like even if I am not paying. Life is too short for that.

If you are from Yorkshire, remember, don’t do things by halves – Tyke It To The Limit!