Hello, I am Stan Graham a 73 year-old freelance writer specialising in the finer things in life – I’m not stupid – well, maybe a little. This includes food drink, theatre, exhibitions, events and whatever else takes my fancy. As a gentleman of advancing years I believe that I bring a different perspective to proceedings than do my younger colleagues. Speaking of whom, I cannot thank them enough for the way in which they have accepted an old duffer into their blogging, influencing and instagramming fold. I try to impart a bit of experience into their way of thinking and they reciprocate by keeping me young at heart.

On the subject of social media, or antisocial media as it can sometimes be, I hope to be instagramming, tweeting and facebooking from the events I cover so please follow me if you see fit. Not too close though as I don’t like being crowded.

I hope that you enjoy what I write and that some of it is, at best informative or, at worst, mildly amusing. Never forget – Tyke It To The Limit.