You know that things are hotting up, or, at this time of year, cooling down, when Leeds favourite outdoor entertainment venue opens for another season. From 10th November to 31st December Chow Down is returning bigger and better than ever.

The new layout is not even half of the story, it is the food, drink and events which make the coming winter seem so inviting – honest! Let’s take things in that order.


The core outlets this year will be Savvy Baker, Bastards Bistro and The Middle Feast. They will be augmented by a rotating series of other fine purveyors of calorific goodies.


As well as the Main Bar there will be a new two-storey bar, The Cîroc Après Chalet, complete with fur rugs, skis and wooden beams, oh and drink of course.

Then there is the Hütte Beer Hall which brings a touch of Bavaria to the proceedings, as well as hosting some of the special events, of which more later.


I don’t mess around, here they are now!

You’re ‘avin’ a larf! Well you will be if you pop along to one of the comedy nights featuring some of the country’s funniest comedians – or so it says here.

If you think that looks like a drag, cop a load of this!

If you prefer to dance the night away, then how about this line-up

Ladies, what could be better after a great night out than having breakfast with a grey-haired, bearded, overweight elderly gentleman. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you happen to be more family centred then my stand-in will be more than happy to oblige, and will even be handing out gifts for the kids.

This next part could go either way! It will either be business as usual or make it the best Christmas ever for football fans. Whatever, why not watch the action in the Beer Hall, if nothing else it will be lovely to see some hot sunshine.

It is not just DJs providing the music, there is New Freedom Gospel so prepare to have your spirit moved.


There is bound to be something which appeals – I was hooked at Food – so to book your tickets please go to and, should you want to take advantage of the events, click on the link. You had better hurry though as they are going quicker than Prime Ministers!

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