Every kitchen needs a staple ingredient on which it can rely to make any meal taste good. When it comes to Trinity Kitchen it is Rola Wala. If the variety on offer is not already wide enough they have introduced some new items to the menu, along with updated versions of old favourites.

In the words of the Albert King song, Born Under A Bad Sign, ‘If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.’ The day before I was due to go and sample the new additions, I tested positive for Covid so I have to make do with staring longingly at a photograph on the press release and imagining how much my fellow writers will be enjoying themselves. The irony is that, although I have the tell-tale cough, my taste and smell are not affected at all. Anyway, just because I can’t enjoy the goodies, it doesn’t mean that you should be deprived so this is what is on offer.

Rola Wala is justly famous for its naan rolls so, not only has it kept its current range, but has added a garlic naan option. Furthermore, being a ‘fusion’ eatery, in this case fusing Indian food with whatever other cuisine makes it taste even more amazing, there are the new Tikka Tacos, a 5-inch wholewheat roti stuffed with a choice of freshly made fillings, including the new King Prawn Patia.

It is not only the fillings and wraps which are new but there will be an extensive range of sides and sharing options such as Masala Fries, Spicy Grilled Corn, Paneer Strips and Onion Bhajis which come with dips.They are freshly made in store each day so are ready in minutes.

Irony upon irony for someone under the weather, the aim of Rola Wala is to provide customised healthy meals with most of the items on the menu containing fewer than 500 calories. Low-carb, gluten free and vegan options are also available.

Rola Wala new range. Credit: Lisa Portinari

Not only is the food great but the prices are pretty good too with mains starting at £5.95. Sides are available from £2.95 each but two come in at £3.95 with any main, and if you think that that is good, then as a launch promotion called Free Sides Friday. Anyone signing up via the Rola Wala website will qualify for a free side – geddit? – from the new menu when they purchase a main meal. This begins on 1st July and is available every Friday up to and including 29th July.

Something far more important and valuable than that, and which makes my whinging about missing out seem even more pathetic than it already is, is that Rola Wola takes part in the One Feeds Two* programme meaning that for every roll sold at the restaurant a school meal is provided to a hungry child living in poverty. To date the scheme has provided over 750,000 meals.

So, don’t hang about, get down to Rola Wola at Trinity Kitchen to take advantage of the great food, the promotional offers and do some good while you are at it. At least you know that there will be at least one spare place. Oh no, there he goes again – just get over yourself will you!

For more details and to sign up for Free Sides Friday please go to https://rolawala.com

*One Feeds Two is a registered Trade Mark

Feature image by Stan Graham

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