Everybody’s favourite street food venue is back and, not only bigger than ever, but reconfigured so as to make the most of the legendary sunny weather which lasts from April to September each year south of the river. On the off chance that there may be a rogue cloudy day, then that has been catered for too. Pun intended!

The new season begins on 14th April and the tranche of tickets covering the first six weeks up to 29th May is now on sale. Best be quick though as they don’t last long. Everything you need to know is detailed below. There is so much to do, see and taste I’ll be burgered if I am writing it all out.


As you can see, there is something for everyone so, if you are feeling below par or that life is one long drag – see what I did there? – get yourself to Temple Arches and Chow Down.

Once again, the link for tickets is https://www.chowdownevents.co.uk/tickets

Illustrations provided by Chow Down, feature photograph by Stan Graham

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