Time for a stroll around town to see what the various Quarters have to offer. Where better to start than the Town Hall. This year the old girl has decided to book in for a nip and tuck to enhance her appearance and so the facade is a touch less festive than normal. The scaffolding is much in evidence while the Botox is administered. Inside, the refurbishment continues including the overhaul of the magnificent organ, but we won’t go there!

Just a few yards up The Headrow the Light Wheel is in operation providing panoramic views over the City Centre whether it be in daylight or darkness.

After a spin on the wheel why not warm up with a trip to Thor’s Tipi? This has become a Leeds Christmas staple serving hot toddies, mulled wine, and lots of other winter warmers. There is a roaring fire inside should you need any external warmth.

I think that I have already baffled a lot of my American readers, yes, I do have followers from all over the globe, with my review of the Pantomime, but Thor’s is something that they will identify with. OK so it isn’t American, but Northern European, however, it is the same as the Native American teepee both in construction and pronunciation.

Inside Thor’s

Tipis are definitely a thing this year, I have already mentioned the one at Chow Down Winter Village and there is another to come in the next few days.

A few steps further and we arrive at Park Row where there is even more fun to be had. This time it is of the more traditional kind with fairground rides and food stalls. Something for almost everyone. These are the more sedate rides, those for the more adventurous are just around the corner.

The Carousel
The White Knuckle Teacups!

I think that these two rides are just a roundabout way of saying that Christmas is here! – Sorry. Oh no I’m not!!!!

The Gourmet Eateries. Candyfloss (Cotton Candy) and Doughnuts (Doughnuts) More help for my US friends.

The last stop in this part of town is Millennium Square which would normally be the site of the German Christmas Market but Covid has put paid to that for the second consecutive year. That doesn’t mean that the site is deserted, far from it. The void has been filled with all sorts of fun and merriment. There is the Ice Cube Skating Rink, The North Pole, which is a multi-storey collection of games and obstacles. For those who have lost the will to live we have the North Pole Star Flyer, if a cardiac arrest doesn’t get you then hypothermia will.

Ice Cube. No, not a 1980s rapper but a skating rink.
North Pole. Fun on so many levels.
North Pole Star Flyer

For those missing the Teutonic influence there are stalls selling German Sausages but for we discerning Tykes there is the Yorkshire pudding Wrap stall, so, Millennium Square is the place for batter or for wurst.

Get thi’ laffin’ tackle rarnd one o’ them then. (Attempt to take a bite from a portion of of those delicacies).

We boozers are catered for not by a tipi for once, but an igloo. It could be handy having Leeds General Infirmary just across the road!

The Igloo Bar. Please don’t chip bits off the wall to put in your gin and tonic.

Finally, just so that you are reminded of where you are, Leeds Civic Hall has incorporated the City’s coat of arms into its illuminated display.

Civic Hall

That is all for this article but keep your eyes out for the next gripping episode of Christmas in Leeds!!!!!!

All photographs by Stan Graham

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