Time to head out of the city centre and let you know what’s in store at Yeadon Town Hall. I know it’s time because that landmark building has had its tower refurbished along with the clock faces, and the chimes now ring out once more. Add the newly repaired roof, exterior walls and stained glass windows and you will hardly recognise the place. To see what it is like now that the scaffolding has been removed you will just have to pop along to one of the events.

The upgrade hasn’t stopped with the outside, oh no, the interior has been almost totally revamped, starting with the entrance and foyer, through the main auditorium and even the dressing rooms. The Wharfedale Room has now become a VIP area, so I won’t be allowed in there again.

New plasterwork

Any road up, it is no use having a stunning exterior if there is nothing going on inside, although we all know people like that, but fear not the winter programme is packed with delights from the Community Market through live music, tribute nights and variety shows to a new feature, Christmas Party Nights complete with three-course meal and live entertainment.

Speaking of Christmas, there will be a Winter Wonderland Bar and Cafe from 20th – 23rd December and the Yeadon Lights Switch On and Charity Fayre on 21st November. 5th December sees a Christmas Community Market with a Tree of Lights Concert the following day, although I suggest that you pop home in-between. The Carol Concert is on 12th December with the Annual Christmas Spectacular – Cabaret Edition from 17th – 19th December.

Just by way of a change New Year’s Eve will be celebrated on 31st December so that you can see in 2022 at midnight, clever, eh. Entertainment will be provided by a 70s and 80s Disco from the person who has just won my 2021 Pun of the Year Award, Vinyl Richie, so say Hello to 2022 by Dancing on the Ceiling, although you better not as it has just been repainted!

For details of all the winter events please go to https://www.yeadontownhall.co.uk While you are there why not click on the links to see the restoration work video and photographs or check out hiring the venue for weddings and other special occasions.

That’s me done, time to clock off!

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