Sadly, the 50th Anniversary year of Leeds Playhouse has been curtailed by the pandemic so, as with a lot of other live venues, many planned events have either been cancelled or postponed. The good news is that they are now back in full swing and we can look forward to a full winter programme.

Leeds Playhouse is as much a community space as a theatre so there are a lot of workshops and classes as well as one-night stands and full theatrical productions. I will concentrate on the latter with a link to the full programme at the end.

From 18th October to 6th November is a play called Jitney which examines life in post-Vietnam America. It is set in 1977 and uses a Pittsburgh taxi company as the catalyst for the story.

My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored is the latest production from Red Ladder with support from Leeds Playhouse and Oldham Coliseum Theatre. It runs from 11th to 13th November and deals with an incident in which a student is assaulted by the police whist his teacher stands frozen to the spot without being able to intervene. The following day the two of them come together in a classroom where the action plays out.

The year ends, and a new one begins, with the annual Christmas Show which this year is Wendy and Peter Pan. In this production it is Wendy who takes centre stage and deals with the Lost Boys and Captain Hook. Looking at the Bookings page on Leeds Playhouse website, tickets seem to be selling fast, so don’t hang about, fly down to the box office and get yours now. The dates are 18th November to 22nd January.

For further information about everything which is going on at Leeds Playhouse please go to and remember, there are lots of events for all age groups happening so I am sure that you will find something to stimulate your creative inner self.

All images supplied by Leeds Playhouse

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