Simon Evans has now rearranged his rudely interrupted tour, The Work of the Devil, and we in Yorkshire are lucky enough to be able to see him five times on his marathon.

For those who don’t know of his work he is a comedian whose view of life is somewhat different from the norm. Probably not the norm in people, but the norm in comedians. He is sceptical about most things in life and tends to use snippets of his personal experiences to illustrate the absurdities of the modern world. For those of you who are familiar with his work you have just wasted half a minute or so of your life reading that.

This current tour draws on recent extraordinary personal events which have turned his world upside down. He is funny enough recounting episodes which are fairly mundane, so catastrophe should send his comedy to another level.

As a gentleman of even greater age than he, I can find an affinity with what he says, as, I am sure, can his younger audience who will probably laugh at his warnings about the pitfalls they are about to face and then ignore them totally. I can laugh because I have suffered them and survived!

The two other things I admire about Simon Evans are that he is probably the best dressed comedian on the planet, and the fact that he is courageous enough, as a Southerner, to come to Yorkshire and talk to us about common sense. You have my undying respect Sir.

Simon Evans Yorkshire dates are:

Saturday, 4th September. The Wardrobe, Leeds

Saturday, 11th September. Courthouse, Otley.

Saturday, 30th October. Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond

Saturday, 5th March, 2022 The Forum, Northallerton.

Friday, 29th April. The Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley.

For those not fortunate enough to live in God’s Own County a full list of dates can be found at

All photographs supplied by EmeryPR

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