How about a trip to The Tetley this Easter. OK, we can’t go in person just yet, but thanks to modern technology, we can have a private viewing of this new exhibition by Mel Brimfield. I’m not talking about a series of photographs of the items on display but a 3D interactive tour complete with audio works, both spoken and musical, along with a presentation from its creator. You don’t get that if you go in person!

The installation will be available for real-world viewing from 21st May when Lockdown restrictions are relaxed but until then why not have a visit from the comfort of your own home. Your computer skills are probably far more advanced than mine but I enjoyed exploring what is hidden behind the various small discs on the screen and am looking forward to being able to call at The Tetley to get up close and personal when possible. Their bar is also far better than mine!

I will not go into the details of the origin and purpose of the piece merely refer you to the website which explains it far better than I could.

Please give it a visit, virtually, personally or both, it will get you thinking and enrich your Lockdown lives. It runs until 30th August, 2021.

While you are on the website take a look at the other events occurring at The Tetley.

All images provided by Chapter 81

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