What have you been getting up to during lockdown? Baking – thanks for buying all the flour so I can’t make a roux for my white sauce – sewing your own face mask, having a good clean-up or perhaps redecorating.

If you have owned up to the last two then spare a thought for the volunteers and local professionals at Yeadon Town Hall. If you thought that the hall, stairs and landing were a pain, fancy having to restore a building of that size.

The restoration work on the landmark has been continued during lockdown by volunteers and local tradespeople, thus turning a disaster into something more positive. 

The work has included restoration and redecoration of public areas such as the Main Auditorium and Foyer along with the Town Hall Tavern.

Behind the scenes the backstage areas have been transformed along with a new Dressing Room to provide more space for performers. 

The colour scheme is that of the original building which was opened in 1890 so its character has been treated sympathetically. The lead pipes have been replaced with copper and the stained glass windows removed for restoration. 

Main contractors are now back on site and the work is proceeding at full speed. Damp treatment has been undertaken and the walls replastered. 

It is not just the interior which has been the subject of restoration but also the roof and clock tower are being repaired. 

OK, no excuse for putting off slapping a coat of paint on the lounge walls now. You’re welcome.

Jamie Hudson is CEO of Yeadon Town Hall so to keep up with the progress of the transformation check out his posts at


All photographs provided by Yeadon Town Hall.

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