Super Saturday is almost upon us and 4th July will be Independence Day for Everybodys in Guiseley and The Ticket Office in Ilkley.

The two venues, which are part of the Twisted Bars Group, have had extensive measures, pardon the pun, put in place to welcome their customers back and also to protect their staff. 

Safety Screen at Everybodys

You will not need to book at either site, although it is preferred and will not only avoid your being disappointed by the venue being full, but enable them to manage customer flow. It will also help you have a smoother experience by making it easier to socially distance. I am more than familiar with social distancing in bars as when I walk in people have always made their excuses and moved away. 

When you arrive there will be extra door hosts and, before entry you will be able to avail yourself of the foot-operated hand sanitising dispenser. At the The Ticket Office there will also be a thermal imaging camera to record staff and customer temperatures with anyone showing a high reading being politely refused admission and advised to seek medical advice. Hand sanitiser will also be available on all the tables.

Thermal Image Camera at The Ticket Office

Once you are suitably sanitised and vetted it is time to take your seat at a table and order your food and drink using a special At Table app which will also allow for contactless payment. I hope that some other bars and restaurants I know, whose employees are not as professional as those at Everybodys and The Ticket Office, will adopt this as it means I will not need to wave my arms furiously in the air to try to attract staff members who never seem to look in my direction, although I can’t really blame them as I wouldn’t want to look at me either.

Both sites will go well beyond the government’s guidelines with a daily sanitisation programme in addition to the initial deep clean and sanitisation. The Ticket Office also has a state of the art ElectroStatic Sanitisation programme and is the only venue in the area known to have this. Everybodys will have a weekly deep clean using a vaporised fogging machine.

Pornstar and Espresso Martinis at The Ticket Office

OK, I realise that this sounds more like the description of an operating theatre rather than a couple of hip bars, but fear not. Ticket Office will still be shaking – or stirring – your favourite cocktails such as their Pornstar and Espresso Martinis, Rhubarb Triangle and Smoke on the Moor. I was privileged to be invited to the opening of this bar and can vouch for the quality of the above drinks and the impeccable service from the staff.

James Garside in Action at Everybodys

Everybodys will be reopening with a selected menu to ensure that appetites are well served. There will be everything from Fish and Chips to Burritos via their Home Recipe Southern Fried Chicken and Hand Made Burgers. There will also be new Sandwich and Dessert menus. During July there is 20% off all food and drink for Blue Light Card holders to say ’Thank you’ to key workers.

For more information and to book a table please go to:

Everybodys or call 01943-674433

Ticket Office or direct message via Facebook @ticketofficebar 

These are strange times and I congratulate Twisted Bars for going the extra mile to protect their staff and customers. I would also like to ask you all to do your bit and have little more patience than normal, not easy I know when waiting for your first drink out for over three months, but this is a steep learning curve for bar operators and we customers alike. It will taste all the better for a bit of a wait. After all, you had to wait 18 years (or thereabouts!) for your first one. 

Enjoy your first steps back to normality.

All images provided by pbp consultancy

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