Will you stop making that racket!!!!!!!!!!

Are you – and your neighbours – sick of hearing your little darling turning their amp up to 11 and doing some serious string bending on guitar during lockdown? Perhaps they have been making the most of that drum kit you thought would be a good idea the other Christmas but which has meant that you have had to spend about ten times the price of the instrument on soundproofing. Well, it might just have been worthwhile after all. 

The hit West End Musical ‘School of Rock’ is at Leeds Grand Theatre from Monday, 15th May to Saturday, 20th May 2021 during its UK Tour and the production company are looking for child actors to audition for parts. They are specifically looking for:

Guitar Players who are able to ‘shred’ – who can’t? 

Bass Guitar Players


Keyboard Players 

Pop/Rock/Gospel Boy and Girl Singers

All applicants must be aged between 8 and 11 years and be under 4ft 10ins

School of Rock – The Musical is based on the film and features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is the story of Dewey Finn, a failed rock star who poses as a supply teacher to earn some money and finds himself at a prestigious prep school where he proceeds to transform the children of gentlefolk into a mind-blowing rock band. If only he had done it at Eton it might have saved us from some of our politicians.

‘How exactly do I put my daughter on the stage?’ I hear Mrs Worthington ask, well you follow the link where you will find full details. 


Break a leg – or a string – but whatever you do keep on rockin’

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