Look who is back in West Yorkshire! It’s only Jane Eyre.

Yes, from 26th to 29th March Blackeyed Theatre Company presents an adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s novel in its natural home just a few miles from Howarth.

For those unaware of the plot, Jane Eyre is an orphan being raised by Mrs Reed, her cruel wealthy aunt. She is sent away to school and though her treatment there is no better she remains as both a pupil and then a teacher.

She takes up a private teaching post for a gentleman called Mr Rochester with whom she falls secretly in love and one night she rescues him from a fire at Thornfield, the family home. Mr Rochester proposes to Jane and they marry, or they don’t, because a Mr Mason interrupts the ceremony to say that Mr Rochester is already married. His first wife is at Thornfield but has mental health issues and has been locked away in a room. Realising that there is no future for her with Mr Rochester Jane flees Thornfield and lives by sleeping outdoors and begging.

Kelsey Short as Jane Eyre and Ben Warwick as Mr Rochester

She eventually gets another teaching job and finds that she has inherited a large sum of money from an uncle. She then goes to India with her cousin but cannot forget the man she loves so returns to marry Mr Rochester, who has been in another house fire and lost his sight and a hand whilst rescuing his servants.

To find out whether they live happily ever after or their relationship hits a downward spiral you will either have to read the book or, better still, buy a ticket for Yeadon Town Hall and let the actors do all the hard work for you.

The cast comprises Kelsey Short in the title role with Ben Warwick as Mr Edward Rochester and Mr Brocklehurst. Camilla Simson, Eleanor Toms and Oliver Hamilton complete the list.

Although based in London Ben Warwick is no stranger to this part of the world having played Dr Lennon in Emmerdale.

The play opened in the Netherlands in January and is touring throughout the UK reaching Yeadon 26th-29th March.

For booking details please visit


Images provided by Yeadon Town Hall

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