Although the pantomimes and Christmas shows are over there is no reason for the younger theatregoers to feel neglected. Leeds Playhouse has a half-term treat in the guise of a play based on Raymond Briggs’ book, The Bear.

The story begins one night when Tilly is fast asleep and a huge bear climbs into her bedroom. It has a long black tongue and a yawn as big as her head, but for some reason she is not scared. Please, children, if this happens to you be sure to call for an adult to get you out of the grizzly situation or pretend to be asleep Tilly decides to leave – sorry.

The Bear is a humorous tale and brought to you by Pins and Needles Productions who have previously staged Father Christmas. It comprises dazzling puppetry, unforgettable music, dreamy storytelling and a load of laughs. Tilley is played by Josie Rattigan, Mum by Elena Stephenson and Maxwell Tyler is Dad. 

The play is a perfect introduction to theatre for little people with big imaginations so, if you want to know what it would be like to sit on a polar bear’s lap, ride on its back or give it a bath then this is the production for you. 

The Bear is at the Courtyard Theatre in Leeds Playhouse from 18th-22nd February. For times and booking please go to:-

All photographs provided by Leeds Playhouse

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