Friday 31st January, 2020 is not just the most anticipated date this year so far, being the first payday since the Christmas holiday, but also because there is a new Premium Sports Bar opening in Ilkley, called Hub-Vybe at 30A Brook Street in the building which used to be The Yard. 

The logo displays the legend ‘Eat, Drink, Play’ so what is not to like? The eating part is taken care of by the provision of burritos, tacos, wings, burgers and dirty fries; the drinks include wine, gin, craft beer, premium spirits, cocktails, shakes and slushies whilst the play bit is shuffleboard, pool, beer pong, soft-tip darts, bingo and pub quiz. There will be daily offers including free pool and shuffleboard, 2-4-1 food, bottomless wings, happy hours and bottomless drinks, which could be messy. There is also a brand new lighting system and two resident DJs in Jack City and James Oliver. 

Being a Premium Sports Bar there is naturally a ‘Watch’ element as well with the showing of sports events broadcast by Sky and BT so that should be all bases covered – see what I did there. The trading hours are very accommodating with the bar being open to the general public at 7.00pm on launch night after which it will be noon every day until 11.00pm Sunday to Wednesday, midnight on Thursday and 3.00am Friday and Saturday. 

The venture is the brainchild of local couple Lawrence Doyle and Kezia Bellamy who, along with designing the bar, have also hand built the furniture. It sounds surprising but Lawrence, being a mixologist, should be a dab hand when it comes to screwdrivers. The name Hub-Vybe refers to the two different spaces upstairs and down which will each have their own atmosphere.

Lawrence and Kezia in Barfitting Mode. Photograph provided by PBP Consultancy

The owners are no strangers to the hospitality industry; Lawrence has worked in all aspects from mixologist, chef to GM, whilst Kezia also has a long history in the trade. Their most recent positions were those of General Manager and Assistant General Manager at The Ticket Office in Ilkley so they know the needs of their potential clientele. It is great to see a young couple setting out on their own, especially in such a competitive area of business, and I wish them well for the future. 

If you live, work or play in Ilkley, why not use your new-found wealth this payday to give the bar a visit and be at the new Hub of Ilkley’s social scene.  

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