I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2020 is very good to you. My year has started brilliantly with the rediscovery of the subject of one of my favourite reviews of the past. 

I was invited to a party just before Christmas, yes, just the one, where I met Vickie Rogerson who, along with Nick Copeland, runs monthly cheese nights under the moniker Homage2Fromage. I reviewed their limited run restaurant in the Merrion Centre a couple of years ago and they then dropped off my radar. It was great news to discover that they are alive and well and organising events in Leeds, Harrogate, York, Sheffield and London.

Each month sees a new theme and the one for January is Scottish Cheese which is enjoying a revival recently. Actually that is not very difficult as the production of cheese North Of The Border all but died out a few years ago with only basic Cheddars being made, in fact the annual competition for the best Farmhouse Scottish Cheese was abandoned in 1972 as there had only been one entry in six years!

There were several reasons for this but thankfully in the 1980s Scottish farmers saw the potential of profit from artisan cheese and so began to make it to increase their margins. Old styles were revived and new ones launched making a more interesting and exciting industry.

Many of the cheeses produced don’t find their way this side of Haidrian’s Wall but Homage2Fromage have gathered their usual eight selections for our delectation. At least half of the types on offer have never been presented on their cheese nights before so this is a great chance to try something totally different. 

January’s Homage2Fromage Scottish Cheese Nights will take place at Lendal Cellars in York on 8th January, The Adelphi, Leeds on 9th January and Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton on 13th January. For those farther afield 15th January sees the event visit Sheffield’s Tamper Sellers Wheel, 20th they cross the Pennines to Pie & Ale, Manchester ending the January tour at The Bull in Shepherds Bush, London on 28th January, 2020. They all kick off at 7.00pm.

February’s theme is Alpine Cheese and March sees St Patrick’s month celebrated with Irish Cheese so keep your eyes, and options, open.

For more information and booking see:-

Our Events

Photographs provided by Homage2Fromage

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