Saturday 7th December sees what is becoming the Annual Eat North Christmas Special. This year’s bash promises to be bigger and better than ever! OK, there has only ever been one before but this will definitely be bigger and better.

Because it is December there will be concessions made for the weather with a larger tent than normal in the yard which, along with the outside space, will be heated and lit for the occasion. There will also be extra heating inside the brewhouse, not too close to the fermentation tanks I hope, there is nothing worse than warm beer!

If that lot doesn’t sound cosy enough then the answer is in your own hands, or should I say wardrobe, as Christmas jumpers will be encouraged which might even win you a spot prize. If you fancy winning a spot that is.

There will be the usual array of hot street food vendors, take that to mean what you will, who this year are Little Rasco from Liverpool serving amazing steak, Yorkshire Burrito Co who will have some seasonal offerings and So Toasted with their – wait for it – Christmas Toasties. 

The Eat North fixture which is Rabbit Hole will be dispensing warmth via their range of coffee and cocktails with a bit of mulled stuff thrown in for the occasion whilst Copper Spoon Bakery are ready to get your sweet tooth into training by purveying festive cakes and other goodies. 

But wait – there will not only be food, there will not only be beer, there will not only be coffee and cocktails and there will not only be the bangin’ festive music from the usual DJs but there will also be gifts from indie sellers. There is Print North displaying their art and Spice and Green with hand blended spice mixes and feta jars. 

Intriguingly there may be other things to announce so why not get down to Taverner’s Walk and do your Christmas shopping whilst eating, drinking and, well, getting down.

Have a Cool Yule.

Photographs provided by Chapter 81

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