This year the Grand Theatre is presenting Cinderella. No, not the pantomime but the Leeds-based Northern Ballet production choreographed by David Nixon OBE, it should be magic! (There’s a joke for the more mature reader.)

Minju Kang and Rachael Gillespie Photograph by Emma Kauldhar

I think that we all know that the story of Cinderella is one of rags to riches in which a young woman, seemingly destined for a life of drudgery and servitude, is mistreated by her wicked Stepmother, there are no ugly sisters in the ballet. She gets the chance to escape by marrying a handsome prince who she sees skating on a frozen lake – don’t try that at home children – assisted by a mysterious magician. As well as dance there is magic (told you) and circus skills. Something for everybody. 

Ashley Dixon Photograph by Emma Kauldhar

The costumes and scenery are spectacular being set in Imperial Russia which gives it an even more opulent feeling. 

Photo by Emma Kauldhar

We all know how the story ends but in this case it is the journey rather than the destination which promises to be something very special indeed. Regardless of your depth of knowledge of this art form I am sure that everyone will enjoy it immensely and what could say ‘Christmas’ more evocatively.

Northern Ballet dancers Tobias Batley and Martha Leebolt in David Nixon OBE’s Cinderella. Photo Emma Kauldhar

As well as the standard performances Northern Ballet is holding an audio-described performance and touch tour for visually impaired patrons on Saturday 21st December. On Thursday 19th December there will also be a Dancing for the Over 55s workshop and the chance to watch Northern Ballet’s dancers in their daily classes as part of Northern Ballet Revealed.

For more on this please see the appropriate sub-links on the link below

For tickets and further information on performance times please see

Feature photograph Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor photographed by Guy Farrow

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