What great performances by Bibi Heal and Miloš Milivojević in the County Arcade on Purple Tuesday.

There was a mix of operatic arias from works such as La Boheme and also some Parisian Café songs which sounded superb with the voice and accordion combination. The acoustics were incredible but Ms Heal’s voice is so strong that I was a little concerned that the glass roof might shatter! The surprised look on the faces of the shoppers passing by was a sight to behold.
I did notice that there were a couple of mobility scooters in evidence so I hope that spirit of Purple Tuesday, which is an initiative to give disabled shoppers better access to the various emporia, was being manifested.

There is also a role to be played here by we fellow shoppers in being a little more understanding when coming across those with disabilities. Wouldn’t you rather be a minute or two late because you have had to wait for someone with special needs to get served than to be that person in the wheelchair? A kind gesture would make you the sort of person well worth waiting for.

It is a shame that we need to have a day to enable disabled shoppers to be able to make use of what the rest of us take for granted so let’s hope that it will highlight the adjustments needing to be made and make this day redundant very quickly. We could then perhaps replace it with Pie Tuesday, now there would be something to sing about.

Please remember when you are out and about doing your Christmas shopping – NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE.

Thank you.

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