The first three L20 events have now been announced and they promise to be as good if not better, than those from previous years. The Theme is Generation Futur. 

George Clarke

The first of the trio is titled Living in a Future City and will comprise an evening of talks, panels and debate on what living in a future city might entail. It will be hosted by George Clarke, the Channel 4 presenter of programmes such as The Restoration Man, Council House Scandal, The Home Show and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. 

With many of our cities at breaking point there will need to be a radical rethink of what urban living means and this is what the evening is designed to examine.

Secondly we have A Generation to Cool The Earth. According to a recent YouGov poll human-driven global warming is one of the top three priorities for UK citizens. This event partnered with Leeds Becket University will examine different views on what needs to be done to avert the worst environmental threats.

Mike Berners-Lee

The speakers are Mike Berners-Lee a world-leading authority on all aspects of our carbon footprint. He has written How Bad Are Bananas: the carbon footprint of everything and There Is No Planet B: a handbook for the make or break years. He is joined by Dr Vandana Shiva, a scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate and anti-globalisation author.

Dr Vandana Shiva

Chris Hudson of Leeds Becket University said ‘I want these talks to provide fuel for those discussions we must all have. The speakers cover many perspectives and I promise it is not all doom and gloom – there are real answers and fascinating possibilities to be discovered.’

The third event is a Lumen Arts Project Commission and they will draw upon their network of international artists to produce Networked – Digital – Public Art. There will be installations located in many unexpected and non-traditional sites around the city.

A previous Lumen Arts Project installation

Leeds International Festival runs from 30th April to 9th May 2020. The full programme will be revealed in February with tickets going on sale on 14th of that month.

All photographs provided by Chapter 81

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